Radhika Khanna is a fashion designer and entrepreneur. Born and raised in India, Radhika moved to the U.S. to study at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and graduated in Fashion Design Major. She also recieved a Masters Degree in English Literature in her birth land. While working in the fashion industry in New York, she was diagnosed with lupus.Radhika was forced to abandon her dreams and a luxurious lifestyle to try and cure herself.
There is no cure for Lupus. She moved to a yoga ranch, then back to India to practice yoga. She worked hard to learn the nuances of yoga while still fighting her illness. She became a certified yoga instructor in Canada and practiced all kinds of yoga techniques and learned from yoga gurus in India. She believes in living a fulfilling life and in following your dreams, which cannot be achieved if you ignore your body and health. She has taught modern and ancient yoga techniques to students all over the world. Radhika is a motivational speaker of much renown, an expert on psychosomatic diseases and positive thinking.

She now has a successful fashion business and lives in Manhattan. Her devout yoga practice put her disease in remission. She never forgets to practice yoga, believing it's a very personal practice. Yoga is not just about flexibility, but the connection of your mind with your body. She lives a fearless life now, started her own business again in New York City. Radhika founded Estilo Inc in 2005 and Rudrani International in 2008. Khanna published a yoga book for working professionals called "Pose"in 2013. She wrote and illustrated the book herself.

“I live in Manhattan again, swapped my health insurance and own a sports car and a bicycle, which reminds me of swapping fear with freedom. Needless to say, I practice breathing exercises everywhere, whenever possible. I eat healthy and live a stress free and an enterprising life because I'm worth it.”
- Radhika Khanna

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