In her debut book titled POSE: Yoga for Working Professionals, author and international yoga instructor Khanna offers readers a wide-ranging index of yogic techniques devised for modern men and women who barely find time to squeeze in a little exercise. Brief and simple, these routines are deliberately prepared to be short in duration, lasting from only one to two minutes. But the benefits are admirably lasting. Yoga is an ancient body of knowledge which traces its early roots back in India.

It is a general term for physical, mental and spiritual disciplines which seeks to bring a harmonious balance within the human system. Apart from musculoskeletal improvements, yoga is being used to combat depression, insomnia, pain, fatigue and anxiety. It is currently used as an adjunct therapy for cancer and schizophrenia. To mention a few, this book includes yoga for relaxation, digestion, common body pains, relieving eye pressure, and improving sex life. This book provides practical solutions to daily problems. The benefits of practicing yoga are overwhelming.

This book helps readers live healthily fit for the ambitious, busy modern lifestyle.A small amount of space and a strong desire to live a healthier life are all it takes to start. Readers can explore the different postures with the aid of detailed instructions and helpful illustrations. With some amount of determination, they will come to adapt these valuable techniques and develop their own, personal sequence in no time. ?Yoga is within us. A healthy body is a healthy mind, and a healthy mind requires a happy heart,? notes Khanna. Yoga is an advantageous art for everyone.

POSE: Yoga for Working Professionals comes with clear guidelines and examples on how to effectively perform the various techniques properly. This book is a relaxing, energetic way to discipline and unite the body, mind and spirit.

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